fredag 9. mars 2012

Meursault Perrieres 2001, Domaine Roulot

Armand Rousseau-smaking Lysebu 2.3.12:

Strågul mot gylden, igjen denne tøymykner`n. Lukket, steinaktig og mineralsk. Ingen sjarmør av en hvitvin, men man fornemmer en storhet "bak teppet". Citrus, moden frukt, snev av vanilje og kanel. Men uharmonisk i munnen nå, en veldig konsentrasjon og litt høy alkohol tilter vinen feil vei. En kjemisk note forstyrrer ytterligere. Er usikker på om dette var en note av botrytis, som er påpekt under og også i andre notater. 88 poeng.

Fra randalls : Now increasingly biodynamic, this domaine, run by Jean-Marc Roulot and his sister Michele, has long been one of the superstars of the commune and was a pioneer of separately bottling what I term the 'deuxiemes crus' of Meursault. For a time in the mid-1990s, Jean-Marc also made the Puligny-Montrachet Les Caillerets of the Domaine de Montille. He is married to Hubert de Montille's daughter Alix.

Jean-Marc has great talent. There is no exaggerated use of wood here, and over the last decade he has moved from bottling after 12 months to 18 months. The wines are even more terrior expressive as a result, and are very pure and elegant. Clive Coates MW, The Wines of Burgundy
Jean-Marc Roulot noted that 2008 was "not an easy vintage. It was stressful, the weather was basically horrid from the beginning of summer to the middle of September and it was very wet, making the vineyards difficult to manage. We began the harvest on the 22nd of September and while there was a lot of sorting work required, it was primarily for under ripe berries as the chardonnay was actually pretty clean. However, my parcel of Bourgogne got hit by hail and not only did I lose 40% of the crop but there you really had to sort carefully. It seems like almost a double punishment to work twice as hard for half as much crop. The wines were very hard to judge before the malos were completed but afterwards, I was most agreeably surprised by the quality. For me, the '08s remind me of the 2001s as they have racy acidity but also often a touch of botrytis that adds aromatic complexity. They are also more open at the same stage of development than were the '07s and happily, without the heaviness of the '06s". I also had the chance to taste a few examples of Roulot's '07s and both were brilliant for villages level wines. Allen Meadows' Burghound

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