lørdag 5. mai 2012

Salon 1983, Champagne

"Moden Bordeauxsmaking" hos Øyvind 30.4.12:

Cascolim på nesa, småoksidert med champignong og andre urenheter. Varmeskadet, kjøpt på Planet Wines i Berlin helgen før. Argh !! Obstler schnappss, gammelt klesskap, mørk frukt, snev av madeira. Blir litt bedre, men vanskelig å prate opp ! 75 poeng.

Ser at også andre sliter med denne på cellartracker; 87 points: I was going to mark this bottle as flawed until I read the other tasting notes. My comments haven't changed, but now my hopes that this is an off-bottle have been dashed. Cork was not tight in the bottle, which raised immediate concerns. Then color was a deep gold, more so than I would have expected despite the age. Almost no bubbles apparent. The wine has a cooked apple flavor, some deep earthiness and almost barnyard funk on the backend. Very intense acidity keeps this from going flat. All this being said, it is not bad to drink, just not a wine that I would go back to again and again. Since I have two more, I am hoping the next two are better, but based on what I see here that is probably not likely. Will drink the rest soon and update this later if the other bottles are different.

Tasted by Frederyck on 10/3/2009: Deep yellow colour with heavily reduced fizz. Sherry or tawny port on the nose with some caramel tones. The taste was full of figs, apples and some bread. We drank this very quickly as the bubbles were disappearing almost as quickly as we could pour it! :) I would drink this again if I could find a bottle. (2101 views)
Tasted by thegrandcrew on 4/23/2009 & rated 91 points: Sauternes-like golden hue in the glass. A very particular and complex bouquet on the nose. Aromas of dried fruit, almond and fig, opening up to a box of raisins. The effects of oxidation add to the complexity and intrigue. A complex structure and smooth texture in the mouth. The attack is nuts with almonds and hazelnuts. The midpalate is lemony, and the finish lingers over to apple. Drink now. (1645 views)
Tasted by jhngo on 3/24/2009 & rated 93 points: Deep golden yellow in color. There was no fizzle at all. Not sure now this bottle was handle but the lack of fizz did reduce the special nuances of the champagne. Just a massive champgne with lots of toasted nuts & sour apple notes. Long finish. Very similar in style to a 86 krug cdm but not as intense due to lack of fizz. (2441 views)

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