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4 røde bordeaux

Vinmøte Knut 29.11.12:

Chateau Sociando-Mallet 1999, Haut Medoc:

Mørk vin og den holder seg godt. Ung og fruktig fremdeles. Blomster, paprika og flere var på østside. Fresh og rik. Noe sursøt, parfymert og en vellykket vin. Vinen var tidligere en Cru Bourgeois, men slottet sikter høyere. De ønsker derfor pr. dd å ikke være klassifisert som en Cru Bourgeois. 89 poeng.

Fremdeles mulig for kjøp på VP til kr. 430,-

Chateau Montrose 1985, St. Estephe:

Fragrant og overraskende lett for en Montrose. Noe kork som whiffer av. Parfymert og solmoden. Typisk 85 og mangler litt kompleksitet og trøkk. Relative bløte tanniner, frisk og medium munnfølelse. Overraskende at Montrose lagde relativt lette viner på 1980 tallet. 90 poeng.

                 Château Montrose

Chateau Gruaud Larose 2002, St. Julien:

Kompakt og lett Bordeaux på samme tid. Gruauds tette struktur kombinert mot årgangens lette avtrykk. Snev av purpur fremdeles, "melkeaktig", ung og reduktiv. Noe grønn og undermoden, typisk for årgangen. Bra priset og vinen holder seg bra fremdeles. 87 poeng.

Fra winedoctor.com;

Château Gruaud-Larose (St Julien) 2002: A dark hue, certainly maturing, although with plenty of depth to it. The nose is showing plenty of sour fruit at first, with a bitter, dry, cranberry and plum-skin character to it, but with a little more time in the glass it also develops some fleshier, more rounded scents, showing more evolution, with black tea and black bean, spiced with a little sandalwood. Nevertheless the fruit persists with its just-ripe character, tinged with greenness. The palate has an appealing texture but it is certainly gentle and with a moderate amount of spicy grip coming through in the middle, even coming to dominate somewhat on the finish. Little nuances of macerated fruit and leather bring a more mature edge to the wine's character. A wine with a chalk-tinged substance and evolving character. Overall, it will appeal to classicists most, especially those interested in cool climate styles on the very cusp, drinkers who are interested in evolution and aroma more than hedonism. I like it. 16/20 (December 2012) 

Château Gruaud-Larose (St Julien) 2002: A dark colour but showing just a little bricky-oxblood in terms of hue, although still some good density and just a narrow fading rim where this maturity shows; at its core it still has a nice red, claretty appearance. The nose shows some appealing evolution with appropriate time in the decanter, notes of black tea leaves, tobacco and black olives with some sour-salty notes faintly suggestive of soy sauce and black bean. The palate shows a moderate flesh at the very beginning, although there is some tangible extract showing its face here and there so this is no lean and mean effort. There is austerity though, a reserved character, a feeling bound up in some grippy and lightly sooty tannins which appear in the core of the wine and come to the fore at the finish. Quite long too. An attractive wine still with a rather tight structure but showing some aromatic complexity which bodes well I feel. This is all nicely held together; it needs a few years yet though. 16.5/20 (February 2011) 

Chateau Lascombes 1999, Margaux:

Mørk vin som viser årgangens gode side i Bordeaux. Litt hult mellomparti, men en kraftig og "ru" vin som ikke er så Margaux-typisk.90 poeng

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