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Barolo Collina Rionda 1993, Bruno Giacosa

Vinmøte Roar 20.9.12

Lys purpur med karakterfull og elegant nese med jordbær og pent avdempet krydderbunn. Flere gjettet Bruno på denne. Veldig frisk og delikat vin, typisk Bruno-eleganse. 92 poeng.

1993 was the last vintage for Barolo Rionda. This wine came from a plot in Rionda owned by Aldo Canale. Some sources say that Canale did not sell Giacosa grapes, but rather fermented juice. Since 1993, Canale has sold fermented juice from the Rionda vineyard to Roagna, who now makes a "Vigna Rionda".

An interesting story about the wine from Canale's Rionda plot as told to group of us over dinner by Mauro Mascarello of the G. Mascarello winery: In 1979 Mauro's father, Giuseppe, heard that grapes from the Rionda vineyard might be available. Someone (a broker?) took Giuseppe and Mauro to visit Canale to see about buying his Rionda grapes. When they arrived the person who brought them there said "Wait, Bruno Giacosa is in there. We have to wait for him to leave." It seems that Canale had a policy that whoever had bought the grapes the previous year got first crack at this year's grapes. Giacosa came out fuming and someone said "He must have passed on the grapes. He looks mad." Giuseppe said "Well, if they are too expensive for Giacosa, they are certainly too expensive for us." The guy who brought them there said they should check. Canale said they were terrific grapes and worth the higher price that year. So they bought them. Mauro made the wine and was shocked that it was almost clear. When they got a call the next year asking if they wanted the grapes again, they said no because the wine was still clear. Then a few months later, in spring of 1981, the color changed and the wine was great. But by then Giacosa was back with Canale taking all the grapes, and Mauro never got them again.

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